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The art of Meenakari (enamelling on gold ornaments) has been pursued by our family for the past 400 years. My grate grand father, late Shri Kanhaiya Lal, was a famous Meenakar of his time. In the beginning of 20th century he moved from Delhi to settle in Jaipur. In 1906 he shifted to Bikaner, at the request of thethem ruler of Bikaner Maharaja Ganga Singh ji to undertake enamelling of ornaments required for the marriage of Kunwar Sadul Singh ji. He settled at Bikaner and his art was acclaimed by the ruling family and the wealthy people. He died in 1934.

A National Awardee Meenakari Artist Reviving Tradition with Innovation


Deepak Sankit


How Our Life Started with Emporia!

My Great Grand father Mr. Deen Dayal Meenakar was born at Bikaner in 1916. At the age of 7, inheriting the age old heritage with little schooling, side by side, he started learning the art of Meenakari under the strict guidance of his father and the tender care of his mother Basanti Devi. In 4 year he mastered this art. With the untimely death of his father, when he was only 18 year old, the yoke of the family and business settled on him. Patiently he bore this burden and carried on his work to the acclaim not only of the rulers and the people of Bikaner but also of the business houses of Jaipur. Year after year his art progressed earning more and more acclaim which, after shifting to Jaipur in 1951, has crossed Indian frontiers to international markets. One of his master piece elephant in gold meenakari was exhibited in auction houses and museums of many countries.

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Taiyari, Boondtila or Chalawan, Lal Zameen and Safed Chalawan are the four types of Meenakari – taiyari being the lowest and safed Chalawan being the highest grades, he was the master of safed chalawan. He was felicated by government of Rajasthan, and other government bodies for his contribution to the art of meenakari.
He was honoured on 24th January , 1968 by the President of India with National Award in Meenakari.

How we Teach Meenakari!

He had trained more than 100 enthusiastic youths in the art of Meenakari. He had also been conferred for many years as the head of government Meenakari Training Centre at jaipur.
His traditions were followed by his son Mr. Rajkumar Sankit. He was the vice Precedent of Enamelist society for Many years.

My name is
- Deepak Sankit.

Deepak Sankit, a talented Meenakari artist, and artisan at Deen Dayal Rajkumar Jewellers in Jaipur, is the torchbearer of his family’s 400-year-old traditional business. His unwavering dedication to his craft and his commitment to innovation have earned him national recognition, making him a source of inspiration for aspiring artists and craftsmen. This is the story of Deepak Sankit, a true artist who believes that embracing change is essential to keep your art alive.

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Recalling his childhood, Deepak fondly remembers the support and guidance he received from his father, who had the best intentions for his children. Amidst receiving early education from an English-medium school, Deepak also immersed himself in learning the intricate art of miniature painting from his elders. Despite clearing the combined defense services exam, he chose to prioritize his family's traditional business, honoring the legacy of his ancestors. Participating in a workshop organized by the Government of India, he eagerly learned new techniques to infuse fresh perspectives into the ancient art of meenakari.

For Deepak Sankit, meenakari art is a canvas of intricate designs delicately crafted on gold and silver. He is the seventh generation in his family to carry on this legacy, a testament to the rich cultural heritage passed down through generations. His outstanding work in meenakari art earned him the esteemed national award, adding to his family's seven national awards, a remarkable achievement for the collective artistic contribution. His talent has also taken him across borders, as he has traveled abroad to showcase his art, spreading the beauty of meenakari to global audiences.

Deepak firmly believes that bringing innovation to traditional art forms is crucial to cater to the evolving preferences of people. In a dynamic world, he embraces change as an opportunity to preserve and enhance the timeless beauty of meenakari. Recognizing the power of social media, Deepak leverages it to not only grow his business but also to connect with a broader audience. As an experienced artist, he advocates sharing knowledge, as it not only promotes the art but also helps in marketing the products. Emphasizing the importance of versatility, he encourages artists not to shy away from exploring different styles and techniques.

Deepak's meenakari art has garnered admiration from diverse corners of the world. His participation in the IIGJ signature event showcased his skill to foreigners who were deeply impressed by his masterpieces. As a believer in the preservation of art, Deepak emphasizes the need for artists to constantly hone their skills and breathe life into their craft. Passionate about imparting his knowledge, he has trained thousands of students in his workshop, inspiring the next generation of artisans.

Deepak's journey as a Meenakari artist has not only earned him national acclaim but also the honor of presenting his art at the United Nations Organization in the USA. His work has transcended borders, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage.

Throughout his artistic journey, Deepak has faced numerous challenges, but his unwavering positive energy has been his strength. Encouraging others to remain patient during challenging times, he exemplifies the resilience of a true artist.

Deepak Sankit's story is an embodiment of passion, tradition, and innovation. As a national awardee Meenakari artist, he carries the artistic legacy of his family with pride and works tirelessly to breathe new life into this centuries-old art form. His commitment to innovation and willingness to embrace change have made him a standout figure in the world of meenakari. As he continues to share his knowledge and inspire others, Deepak Sankit remains a true artisan, preserving and reviving the beauty of Meenakari art for generations to come.