The art of Meenakari (enamelling on gold ornaments) has been pursued by our family for the past 400 years. My grate grand father, late Shri Kanhaiya Lal, was a famous Meenakar of his time. In the beginning of 20th century he moved from Delhi to settle in Jaipur. In 1906 he shifted to Bikaner, at the request of thethem ruler of Bikaner Maharaja Ganga Singh ji to undertake enamelling of ornaments required for the marriage of Kunwar Sadul Singh ji. He settled at Bikaner and his art was acclaimed by the ruling family and the wealthy people. He died in 1934.


My Great Grand father Mr. Deen Dayal Meenakar was born at Bikaner in 1916. At the age of 7, inheriting the age old heritage with little schooling, side by side, he started learning the art of Meenakari under the strict guidance of his father and the tender care of his mother Basanti Devi. In 4 year he mastered this art. With the untimely death of his father, when he was only 18 year old, the yoke of the family and business settled on him. Patiently he bore this burden and carried on his work to the acclaim not only of the rulers and the people of Bikaner but also of the business houses of Jaipur. Year after year his art progressed earning more and more acclaim which, after shifting to Jaipur in 1951, has crossed Indian frontiers to international markets. One of his master piece elephant in gold meenakari was exhibited in auction houses and museums of many countries.


Taiyari, Boondtila or Chalawan, Lal Zameen and Safed Chalawan are the four types of Meenakari – taiyari being the lowest and safed Chalawan being the highest grades, he was the master of safed chalawan. He was felicated by government of Rajasthan, and other government bodies for his contribution to the art of meenakari.
He was honoured on 24th January , 1968 by the President of India with National Award in Meenakari.


He had trained more than 100 enthusiastic youths in the art of Meenakari. He had also been conferred for many years as the head of government Meenakari Training Centre at jaipur.
His traditions were followed by his son Mr. Rajkumar Sankit. He was the vice Precedent of Enamelist society for Many years. He was honored in 2005 as the master craftman for meenakari, by the President of India.